Pair of 1954 Willy Guhl Loop Chairs

Pair of 1954 Willy Guhl Loop Chairs

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Pair of 1954 Willy Guhl Loop Chairs

Dimensions each are 21.26" H x 21.66" W x 28.35" D

This pair of chairs was designed by Willy Guhl (1915-2004) in 1954 after Guhl watched as the Eternit panels left a machine at the Eternit factory in Niederurnen. The Loop chair features a single volume of seats and backs and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A machine-made Eternit mat is formed into a loop before hardening in a wooden mold without any scrap from trimming. Until today, the fabrication is made from a whole plate of fiber-cement and molding while still fresh. Guhl had already determined the ergonomically correct seat profile with his brother's help in 1947 using impressions in clay made by sitting test persons, which were then cast in plaster. Like a sculptor, Guhl then reworked the seating loop's radii, always with a mind to the economy of production and the structural and material requirements.

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